Canada Week 2

We continued to spend some more time 
in the Lower Mainland for the rest of the week.
We spent some time with Howard, Diane and Travis.
Visited Pake and Grandma,
as well as our "Delta friends".

We left Friday to head to Tyler's house 
to spend the night before the four of us headed 
up the mountain to spend the weekend.
We missed you Travis.

Getting ready for bed.
Here is one happy, naked baby.
And one happy dressed baby.
 Headed out for a family stroll to visit Pake and Grandma.
She really enjoys the stroller for the most part,
after we discovered she likes to sit up and look around.
She is just mad here because, well
we stopped moving of course.
 Such proud great grandparents!
 The funny recliner at Ty's old lady house.
Such fun discovering quirky things.
But a really cool house!
 Finally up at the mountain.
Here, Papa is lifting up Claire's hands to cheer for the
BC Lions when they scored a touch down against the Roughriders.
What do you think of this Grandpa?!
 Friends and neighbours from Portland Brian and Michelle
joined us at Sun Peaks this past weekend.
Michelle is carrying Claire's future friend in that cute little belly.
 Cousin Megan came up for a visit with her two
ADORABLE boys Hayden and Blaine.
Here they were playing a very brotherly game
of throwing the giant ball at brother's head.
 Lots of cuddle time with Uncle Tyler.
 This is what we do here: relax.
 The center of attention - Claire Teresa.
Here she is with her new favourite toy from Ty.

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