It's Wednesday
It's hot
Too hot for typing out a full blog post
Here's an update in point form
and picture form.
We're having too much fun around here.

1. I am currently addicted to Keeping Up With the Kardashians. What are they famous for anyway?

2. Claire and I went to Costco today with Marissa. She slept the whole time. Success.

3. Claire has been helping (ahem, distracting) Spencer study Pathology.

4. I really want to see, and read, The Help. Have you read it? Did you see it?

5. My MOPS group has been bringing us meals for the last week and a half. Such a blessing. I have mixed emotions about going back to cooking full time. I love cooking, but I really want to get out of my rut and try new things. My friend Marissa inspires me by fearlessly trying new meals and recreating ones she's had in restaurants. 

6. These two make me smile. She is becoming so much more interactive with us and we are having so much fun. One day a certain thing will make her laugh, but the next day it makes her cry. Today, it seems to be when we shake her belly and lying around nude. (Mind you, with this heat wave I think lying around in the nude would make anyone smile! It's just too hot!)

7. Pregnancy cravings have continued into post-pregnancy cravings. I feel like I could eat all the ice cream in the world. I am practicing some MAJOR self-control. But can I just say I love that breastfeeding burns so many calories?

8. Spencer has admitted that Claire has been a major distraction in his studies. Uh oh! Good thing he has the brains because he is still doing awesome in school. Can you believe only 3.5 weeks until Finals Week?

9. Friend Megan and her sister Rebecca came to Portland for a visit and a snuggle with Claire Bear. It was a whirlwind visit but we made the most of our time together! When they arrived she had just eaten (yesterday she would eat every 45 minutes to an hour. Can you say "growth spurt"?!) so she was super smiley and giggly. 

10. A few of our favorite Claire times are when she snuggles in bed with us in the morning, bath/shower (she loves it!) and napping with her on our chest. My personal favourite to add, her milk breath. So sweet and something I know I will miss.

Just for fun - another video of her smiling, because it is just so freakin' cute!
PS - I just noticed we are seriously lacking some photos of MOM and babe.
 I think we need to fix that.

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  1. Okay, so I'm thinking we should start a book reading/move watching accountability thing between the two of us?! It sounds like we have similar taste! Did you read & watch The Time Travellers Wife? What did you think?! Do tell! And if you didn't, you need to. Just as bad as You've Got Mail. Or at least read the book of that one!


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