Are you ever really 
ready to bring a baby home?
My guess is probably not.
But let me tell you,
something inside me clicked
(or maybe snapped, depends how you look at it!)
and I have been nesting like never before!
I thought it was bad a couple months ago.
It doesn't even compare.
Friday I was cleaning the bathroom,
a normal chore.
When I decided to scrub the baseboards.

Thursday I was cooking lunch,
when I got frustrated trying to find a spice.
Sure enough,
by the end of the afternoon
each and every cupboard in the kitchen
had been emptied, cleaned and reorganized.

We've got everything ready to go,
washed, scrubbed, prepped.
Now all we have to do is wait.
Last night for the first time,
I thought it may be it.
I was having the worst Braxton-Hicks 
contractions yet
(can I just get an "Amen" from all the
women out there who hate them as much as I do?)
and they had somewhat of a pattern.
Within about 20 minutes or so,
they began to subside and 
after a bath they were gone.
As happy as I would have been to have her here today,
I am glad she's staying in a bit longer.
She is (I am?) someone is, 
full term on Tuesday.
ANYTIME after that,
she can come!

I have been doing my best to finish off
the pregnancy enjoying it to the fullest.
Spending quality time with Spencer,
relaxing by the pool,
sleeping when I'm tired,
enjoying time with friends,
journalling and getting the finishing items in her room ready.

{iced red raspberry leaf tea, with farm fresh raspberries}

{sign Edolbina made me after a salesperson knocked on my door FIVE times in a day}

{putting my feet up & watching my belly bounce}

{writing in a journal to track our pregnancy}
note: I had to back to April to find an entry that doesn't have her name!

{just some of the diapers we were given}

Her "nursing nook"


  1. LOVE the warning for salespeople!! It could be the next great invention for pregnant mamas!!

  2. SO excited for you! The nursing nook is beautiful!

  3. Love the sign on your door! Great idea! We cannot wait to get the news of her arrival. Praying for a safe and easy delivery! Love to you both, Spencer and Michelle!


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