My Encyclopedia - J

Clockwise from top left:

Jesus - I tried not to find a cliche photo of Jesus.
It's hard. But here he is with the children, one of my favourite pictures.

Jennifer Aniston - My female "celebrity crush". Funny, gorgeous
and comfortable in her own skin.
(Who wouldn't be comfortable in her skin!)

Johnny Depp - and Josh Duhamel
the male "Celebrity Crushes".
A free-spirited bachelor in Life As We Know It
and a crazy pirate in Pirates of the Carribean.
Enough said? I think so.

Uncle Jason -
Was a big part of making my childhood fun.
He never forgot to call on my birthday either,
no matter where he was.

Pake John - We love your sense of humor!

Papa John - We miss you.

Jessi - My dear and sweet Jessi.
Friends through thick and thin.
I love you.

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  1. I was JUST telling Jared TODAY that I was starting to wonder if your baby girl had a J name since it had been so long since you'd done one of your encyclopedia posts (even though I know you said you weren't working on a time line) and I thought maybe you were holding off on it so you could include her! haha! Guess my theory was all wrong! lol


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