Highlights from the Break

Date day - walking from Yaletown to Waterfront

 Not a highlight - sending Trena (centre) off back to New Zealand

Whitney and Darcy hosted a baby shower for the Tsawwassen ladies.
{thanks for the borrowed photos Brighid and Darcy}

And a shower hosted by Megan, complete with Smid dessert!

{These are the photos I have from this shower.
 I've been waiting for some more to be posted on Facebook. *ahem*ahem}

A good bye party for Trena, hosted by the D'Agostino's

{click HERE to see photos}

Going to see Wicked with Diane.

Visiting with babies
{and their parents}

and Ezra

Early celebrations of Matt's 23rd birthday.

Reading on the deck, getting covered in white dog hair...
and no reruns of Steven & Chris?!

"Babymoon" camping at Detroit Lake

Finishing books,
swimming in the pool,
eating ice cream,
washing teeny tiny clothes and
organizing baby's room.

A busy and fulfilling two week break.
It came and went fast.
One more day
and Spencer begins his fourth quarter.
Apparently this is the easiest
(that term is relative)
compared to the last three.
It will be good for Spencer to ease his mind a little.
I can't believe this is the quarter she arrives! 

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  1. just saw this blog now Michelle......LOVE IT!!! you're the sweetest. Miss you LOTS and hope everything is continuing to chug along nicely until Little One is finally here!!
    lots of love all the way from NZ.xoxox


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