My Encyclopedia - E

Clockwise from Top Left:

- my dear friend, Edolbina

- Elton John 
(with a special shout out to

- Edward Scissor Hands
Really any movie starring J.Depp
But this Tim Burton film is sweet and quirky
and you can't help my loving this sweet man with scissor hands.

- Vitamin E Oil
We currently have a love hate relationship.
I faithfully rub this on my belly,
and have since day 1.
I don't know if it is doing it's job
because I have squiggly lines on my tummy.
But I guess it could have been worse it I never had?

- Europe!
One of my favourite continents.
Spencer and I traveled to quite a few countries
in Western Europe and I fell in love.

Standing tall in Paris, France.
A symbol of romance,
love and all things Parisian.
I may have a slight fascination. 


  1. Elton would be one of my E's as well.
    such a fun idea Michelle

  2. I can't help but wonder, when you get to "S" is it going to be Spencer or Me in the squares? Just curious! (and did want to point out that he'd be the first to mention that I'm the "favorite"!)


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