Getting Ready

This morning I woke up
with my heart pounding a little harder
and a little faster.
We are officially UNDER
the 6 week mark until our "guess date".
5 weeks and 6 days.

We are entering the second half 
of our trip in Canada,
and already I am glad we only 
decided to stay for one week
of Spencer's two week break.
We are thoroughly enjoying our time
with family and friends,
and look forward to spending time 
in Abbotsford next.

It's just that, well,
I'm uncomfortable.
I am not sleeping well at night
which means I tire easily in the day.
My belly gets in the way,
and these "practice contractions" 
are really annoying me.
I feel a bit of anxiety 
being away from home,
my OB and the Birthing Center
in Portland where she will be born.

Today while wandering the streets
of sunny Vancouver with Spencer,
I had a few episodes of Braxton-Hicks
that got the best of me. 
At one point I wanted to just stop
and sit in the middle of the busy cross walk,
but instead I skuttled as quickly
as I could to the safety of the sidewalk
on the other side of the street.
It made me think 
"What if I am in early labor? 
I am so far away from home.
I don't want an ER doctor delivering
my baby!"

This visit Little One hasn't had as much Stage Fright.
Both Smid uncles got plenty of love kicks from their niece.
Our dear friend Dave got kicked by a baby for the first time,
and unlike her Mama,
I think she likes being the centre of attention.
It is weird saying good bye to people knowing 
that the next time I will see them
I'll be holding my baby girl.

Today I woke up feeling a bit bigger,
and apparently it wasn't just me who noticed.
I can feel her head lower
causing just a bit more pressure.
Today for the first time her little 
foot got caught under a rib (ouch!)
and she seems to like tickling my blatter.
even swanky Vancouver hotels
take one look at a big belly
and open doors to 
"elite bathrooms" just to avoid a puddle on their marble floor.

Next week Spencer and I return
to a somewhat quiet Portland.
All of our friends will still
be at their homes for the rest of the break.
We have a few appointments
and plan to go on our"Babymoon".
If weather permits,
a couple of nights camping,
just the two of us.

July will be a slow month of 
just hanging around Portland
and our apartment pool.
Spencer will ease into his 4th quarter
(the last one of his first year.)
We are keeping our lives,
our schedules
low key for the last month before
and after my due date.
We will be hanging up
our "Tour Guide" and "Hotel Manager"
 hats for the time being as well.
Keeping our lives as comfortable
as possible as we make 
final preparations for Little One
and adjust into parenthood.

We have been so pleased with 
how everything is going with 
the pregnancy so far.
Our care and treatment
from our OB has been exceptional
and we feel so good going into
this incredible experience with her at our side.
The hospital accomodations
are DELUXE and I can actually hardly 
wait until we get to stay in this 5 Star suite!
I am so thankful that the state (maybe even the US on a whole?)
allows for a more extended stay then they do in B.C.
allowing Mom and Dad to learn how to care 
and adjust to life with a newborn.
I pray everything goes as well
with the delivery as it has with the last months
of my pregnancy! 

41 days....
maybe less 
(*cross fingers*)
maybe more.

Photo of myself with 3 week old Jeremy.
(Photo thanks to Darcy)


  1. It's an exciting time....keep living in the moment. I look forward to meeting "her"!

  2. look at how pretty you are! just glowing and beautiful...
    If you went into labor, next week...abbostford hospital is pretty nice.
    Id be happy to not be the only one who ***** on the table, and had a baby there!
    hang in there mama, you can do it :)

    FROM ANONYMOUS (but im sure you can guess who!)


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