Hello May

You are SO incredibly welcomed!
You mark the beginning of a sunny season (we hope)
A month that honors mothers,
and Spencer's birthday (26!)

Our first camping trip of the year
happens May long weekend,
and our first Pre Natal class
is on the last day of May.
This month we await the birth of our dear 
friends baby boy.
And are officially in the 
in the wait for our own baby.
3 more months and the third trimester!

And now, 
here are some photos of our weekend
with Matt, Lauren and their friend Dan.
As well as our trip home last week.

The weather was nice enough to play some catch in the backyard.

 Bowling fun.
Matt pretends to have a baby bump too.

Action shot - Lauren looks like a pro.

A little Buck Hunting to break up the drive home.

Cuddles with baby Axel.

 Driving range. 
First time for Spencer and I.
We have a lot to learn, but had so much fun!

We were lucky, we got in two meals all together as a family!
 Signs of spring...

*Happy voting fellow Canadians!*

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  1. Affectionate Brothers! I'm talking about the baby bump too!


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