30 Weeks

30 weeks...
10 weeks left...
69 days....
All of this is approximate.
Which kind of drives me crazy
for a girl who is not a fan of surprises.

Either way,
we are on the home stretch.
My feelings are mixed.
I am enjoying being pregnant,
and right now I think I will miss it.
At the same time
I am so ready to meet this little girl!
To see what she looks like,
to see how her personality unfolds &
sing cheesy love songs to her.

This morning I had another check up
and baby is looking good.
I was so relieved to hear
that she has flipped and is now head down.
That would explain the rib jabs.
I was quite nervous about her 
being breech,
as a C-Section is something I would 
like to avoid as much as possible.
Everything else looked good too,
and with another little tweak of my
thyroid medication,
we are on the right track.

Sleep is few and far between,
and I am finding I need a little 
pick-me-up nap around 3.
Other then that, 
I am feeling great physically.
I am trying to wrap my mind around the delivery,
what my expectations are,
what we want for myself and the baby,
and trying to comprehend what it will be like to take her home.
I cry a lot easier.
Every commercial,
sweet words,
pictures of babies...
I get "shiny eyes".

10 more weeks 
and we will be leaping 
feet first into the 
world of parenthood. 
I just hope I don't cause any
long term damage. 

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  1. i love "shiny eyes"!!!
    gettin close :)
    so exciting


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