Gender Reveal Party

Last Tuesday,
as I am sure you have read,
Spencer and I learned we 
are going to be having a little girl!
How precious.
We are both thrilled
(and would have been either way).

We have a doctor's appointment next month to confirm,
but it seemed that everything looked okay.
Needless to say,
I am breathing many sighs of relief.
The ultra sound tech also said
that our little girl is measuring
bigger. She put my 
due date 5 days earlier
to July 28! 
This means I am 20 weeks today.
Half way there!

The ultra sound tech
was yet another professional 
who was astonished at how
much the Little Girl moves!
And I can confirm,
she does!
She often has her own
little dance party in my womb.
It appears mostly when there's loud music playing,
when I am walking (and shopping)
or when I am resting and trying to fall asleep.

It was so special to see her on the screen
moving around, using my uterus as a trampoline.
She would rub her eyes and bring her feet up to her face.
It was a bit creepy to see her skull,
and very cool to see the cross section of her
heart and see all 4 chambers of her heart,
and her valves opening and closing with her heart beat.
We have been proudly showing off her pictures,
(and explaining what each one is.)
I was so glad that Spencer got to see her
and have the connection with the baby too.
Also, last night, he got
to feel the baby moving around a ton
and be a part of her little dance party.
So special.

The evening we found out
we had a little party with our friends from Portland
to reveal Little One's gender.
Here are a few photos of the evening.

The menu was "Michelle's Cravings" where we served popcorn,
fruit, pickles, salt n vinegar chips, cupcakes, milk and orange juice.
Each gust also wore a tag
that declared whether they thought
it is a girl, or a boy.

The cupcakes I made to reveal her gender.
Pink and white cake,
with white icing and either pink or blue sprinkles.

The table was all set up 
(including a beautiful orchid from Jordan and Marissa,
and flowers from Spencer).

We had pink and blue EVERYTHING,
even pink and blue jelly bellies served in tiny
pink and blue dishes.

It's a GIRL!

The outfit on the right was from Brian and Michelle,
and the outfit on the right are little bloomers that
Spencer and I bought after our appointment.


  1. they bumped up your due date??!! Crazy! I guess the race is on:) haha, there's still a good chance we could have our babies on the same day & if I have a boy we could organize an arranged marriage. haha:)

  2. My dear Michelle, please don't get too hung up on a due "date". It's should be a due "month"! Take it from me: I was due with Noah June 13th, and after one ultrasound Noah was measuring big and they bumped my due date up to May 31st. He was born June 14th and I spent two weeks waiting and thinking it would be any day. Please don't set your heart on a specific date or you may be very disappointed and anxious later on! Trust me :)


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