Thing I Love

Good Morning.
Here's a cup of virtual coffee
to start your morning off right.
Touch of love on the side.

TOMORROW is Valentine's Day!
I can hardly wait. 
I don't know what our plans will be.
Here is what I DO know..
I am going window shopping 
with Michelle in the Alphabet district
and sharing a piece of Gluten Free cake with her.
Our Valentine's Day treat to each other. 
Then Spencer says he is making me dinner.
I don't know what,
or anything.
But I am looking forward to it.
I did clarify,
"Clean up,too?"
Because as we all know, girls,
that is just as important as the dinner itself. ;)

With love in the air,
all around us,
my heart is swooning 
for many things this week.

Here are the things,
 but not limited to, 
I love right now.
Some are frivolous and petty,
some are not.
Bare with me
and my scattered mind.

1) My loving and adoring husband.
 He who massages knots in my shoulders,
palpates my bones, joints and muscles.
Who tells me I'm beautiful,
puts up with my absent-mindedness,
gives me hugs,
beats me in Scrabble...
the list goes on.
I love him.

 2) Our growing baby.
This is a photo of our very first ultra sound! 
It is just a teeny, tiny blob.
See that dark circle?
Now see that little white dot within that dark circle?
That's it!
At about 5 weeks gestation.
Barely more then a grouping of cells.
He or She is not that little anymore.
I am so excited for this summer!
I love "it".

3. My family. The expanding family I have.
My parents, my brother, my sister-in-law,
my mom and dad-in-law,
and my two brothers in the law.
I love that the "in-law" is merely a formality.
The feel so much like my family,
I hate to even use the "in-law" term.
They all are always there for us.
Supporting us, praying for us,
having fun with us and
continuing to teach us.
I love them all.

3. My girlfriends.
Where would I be without them?
Each one is so unique, 
and I need each one like I need air.
I love my homies.

4. Cupcakes. I don't know why,
but I have been CRAVING cupcakes!
Just one, with lots of icing.
Vanilla or chocolate, 
I don't care.
But with pretty icing,
and pretty decorations.
A craving I have yet to fulfill. 
Chocolate pound cake with rose scented butter cream icing.

let's just sum it up with sunshine.
Being outside,

kissing in a canoe.
Don't think I've ever done that.
But I think this is the summer to start.

Happy Sunday -
What are you smitten about today?


  1. dude, Im smitten with yooooouu!! (I seriously miss you this week. I think its getting worse!) ALL my love to you and baby.

  2. What a delightfully wonderful post. Love you, Miiiiichelle!


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