With my mind in warmer weather,
I can't help but dream about days
spent being buoyant in the outdoor pool.

Swimsuit shopping has always been
up there in the "Worst Things to Shop For" category
with bras and jeans.
I decided to scope out the internet
to see what kinds of styles are available
for big ol' pregnant bellies.

I am not a fan of going with a bikini.
Since stretch marks are probably looming
in my future (despite the bottles of creams and oils)
I thought it would be in the best interest of the
entire world to keep those hidden. 

Here are a few cute styles I really liked by Nicole Michelle Maternity:

Pregnant Mama's of the past and present -
did you wear a swimsuit?
What did you choose to wear?


  1. I had a most beautiful pink two piece, bikini type bottom with long long top over my belly. loved it and swam a lot

  2. I've been swimming lots during my pregnancies and always wear a bikini with a long tank top over top. Works great, feels great, looks like a tankini, and I've never had to buy an expensive maternity swimsuit. Happy shopping!

  3. i had a tankini (which can be used not pregnant) i swam lots... such great excercise for an expectant mother!


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