Happy 22nd Birthday

Lauren Jane,
My sista from anotha mista.

This belle turned 22 today.
She deserves a very happy birthday this year, and here's why:

*1 She is married to my brother. This means she cleans his undies,
makes him dinner and will be spending the rest of her life with him.
'Nuff said? I think so.

*2 She is tall, beautiful and walks like a real woman in high heels.

*3 She has the cutest nose ring

*4 She is the sweetest girl, but takes no bulls*%^ from anyone.
Love that.

*5 She has the dry, sarcastic humor - which I love

*6 She takes the hacking, and dishes it right back, a true Heinemann

*7 She always looks like she stepped out of a Cover Girl commercial

*8 My brother has a motor bike, BIG brownie points for that girl!

*9  Her eyes are green, I am a sucker for green eyes

*10 She is our first, and the best, sister we have.
 And we can't imagine life "pre-Lauren"

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  1. OH MICHELLE!!! LOL you are sooo good for my ego! love you. xoxo


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