K Guys, It's Really Here

It's not just me anymore,
Christmas really is here!
With only 3 more sleeps left
(I agree Lisa, Christmas will always be counted in "sleeps")
The halls are decked and all is merry and bright.

This past weekend was B-U-S-Y!
Christmas parties galore and 
spreading tidings of comfort and joy
to our family and friends 
made the season extra special.
Even though each waking minute was
spent packing our family and friends
into our weekend,
it was so worth it.
We don't get to see everyone as much as we'd like
You know, with living far away and all.
I always look forward to the time of year
that we can all catch up,
exchange cards, hugs and steal each others gifts!

We are now up at the mountain
where we will remain until Boxing Day.
We are 100% in holiday mode.
It is after noon and I am still in my pajamas! 
Here are a few photos to highlight the past few days.
(Silly me, I had my camera at all the events,
but only took it out of its case for one!
Please visit Diane's blog for
the photos from the Smid gathering. )

visitng Coco,Graci, Jesse, Doris and Shawna

Tyler and RJ are buddies

Sweet Emily trying to 'steal' my present

Cole's first Christmas

Travis trying out his gift.

Nice and cozy at the cabin...

We all had a good laugh last night when Tyler opened his tin 
of goodies to discover that several of his 'Love Squares' were missing.

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  1. Cole looks like an old chap... pants hiked up and all! :)


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