This Week

So, the tree is up
the halls are decked
and there are neighbours lined up
outside our window
laughing at us.
While they are preparing for 
their Thanksgiving -
I am thankful ours is over!
(Although the dinner is coming..)
Because while they all have to wait,
I don't.
*insert evil grin here*


This week I have been
drinking Egg Nogg in my coffee
Playing Bohnanza with my husband at lunch hour
(and any other spare moment he's not studying)
Baking cookies for study sessions
(have I already mentioned how much I love that?)
smiling when I see a Christmas commercial
Doing laundry...
I won't bore you with those details.
Playing Scrabble on Facebook.
(I am currently keeping up with Pake, Aunt Bev and Aunt Linda
and having my head handed to me on a silver platter by Tyler.
Spencer keeps telling me just to forfeit that game. But how could I look 
him in the face after forfeiting a game of online Scrabble?! How I ask you? HOW?!)
Counting down the hours for 
tonight's episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay.
Why? Because it's a Thanksgiving Battle against
none other then the Pioneer Woman!
Counting down the days for our day trip
to Seattle to see these cute babes.
And counting down the days beyond that 
for our Thanksgiving Long Weekend at Sunpeaks!


I have been obsessed with sparkly shoes.
Remember the other ones I blogged about?
I don't know why,
I just find them so divine.
Do you get it too?
Or is it just me?


Riddle me this:

{ What have YOU been obsessed with lately? }


{ What have YOU been spending YOUR week doing? }

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  1. Michelle, your blog is facinating! I really enjoy perusing it! I am glad to hear that you have decorated for Christmas because, well, our tree is up, too! And I have seen a few in the neighborhood so that makes me feel better! In my opinion, Christmas comes and then is gone far too quickly! I prefer to enjoy the season a little bit longer!


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