Love, Hate, Crave

LOVE .... The Art of Doing Stuff website. Thanks to my mom for yet another addicting website.

HATE .... when I get an eyelash in my eye and can't get it out

CRAVING ..... dill pickles

LOVE ..... it when I get comments on my blog! It makes me feel famous.

HATE ..... that my head is so itchy right now for no good reason. Argh!

CRAVING ...... an automatic head scratcher. Apparently the product has been patented... where is it?!

LOVE ....  Elle and R Photography

HATE ..... El Nina

Craving .... some sexy high heels


  1. did you make those letters? i LOVE them!

  2. ha ha this is awesome.

    you crave pickles!??
    i might copy this post idea :)

    miss your guts


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