How Much Is Too Much?

Sometime I read other people's blogs
Blogs that are full of beautiful musings
of things like their struggle with weight loss,
loaded questions about their marriage,
tough questions they are answering for their friends...
big issues,
or at least
REAL issues.

Then I go back to my own blog
and I look at it like it's so
... much less.
It's a mixed bag of things I like
(sparkley shoes, Christmas...)
commercials I like, movies I've watched.
And I look at I think
that is only one level of me.

Sure, it reflects me.
My thoughts really do skip around
that much, believe it or not.
They do go from sparkley shoes
to my favourite commercial in a split second.
How do I express more of who I am
without you readers thinking "T.M.I!"
(too much information)

How do I express my thoughts,
my feelings, the struggles of life
that I know we all face.
What do I keep in my journal,
and what do I post on my blog?

Do I keep it to the light stuff,
or do I write like Sarah Markley and
delve into the deep questions of life?
She is so real, and honest.
Then, she probably has more
readers that she doesn't know,
then readers she does know.
I don't think there is one person
who reads my blog that I don't know...

What do you guys think?
How do I express and share
what is on my heart
and not just my mind?

{ What is "T.M.I." for Cyber Space? }


  1. It's all individual! You share as much or as little as you want. It's YOUR blog!

  2. Oh Michelle. I love you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your blog posts BECAUSE it's not always about how many unanswered questions you have and how puzzling life, faith and marriage can be sometimes...
    Just my opinion. Don't aspire to be anyone other than who you are (although, I'll admit, I often aspire to be more like you)


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