Need a little help getting ready for the holidays?

When you decorate the tree,
don't forget your trunk! 
-glitter tights-

For your guy...
the perfect bow tie for your holiday gala.

Oooh... these heels are so delicious.
Can I put these at the top of my wishlist?
(Can anyone guess which designer's trademark is the red sole?)

My favourite way to add a little festivity -
glitter on my finger and toe nails!

Ladies, how about a glittery gown
to wear so you're guy won't feel AS silly wearing a glitter bow tie.
Heidi Klum rocks this Roberto Cavalli gown.

the perfect way to give a gift this Christmas.
A pair of earring would really SPARKLE in a box like this.
(special from Crown Jewelers)

Finally, a touch for your home
Glitter candles -
I have three of the red ones and I love them!
As they burn down it creates a vintage look.

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  1. where are those tights from?! I need them. haha


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