Hey guys!
Today is Spencer's second day of school.
Guess what he is doing, RIGHT NOW.
Working on a cadaver!
Do you know what that is?
If not, click here to find out.
And he loves it.

Some of you have been asking what life has been like since we've been here for almost a week and a half.
Well, to start off, I can't believe it's been a week and a half!
Last week Howard and Diane left on Tuesday to head back home. The few days after that consisted of 
plenty of trips to Target, Home Depot and Ikea. 
We were always thinking of something else we needed.
Nails,  clothes horse, school supplies.....
We were getting a "lay of the land", so to speak.
We got connected with phones and internet, too.

As I posted before, Spencer's first day of school was Friday.
It was orientation day where they were piled with information,
oh and a bill for first quarter too. Of course.
Those money hounds.

Yesterday was his first day of actual class.
He came home yesterday feeling like he had a very full brain.
They really didn't ease the students in.
They handed out the syllabus and dove right in.
Yesterday Spencer was assigned a "Bone Box".
A box of human bones! 
All of this is so interesting to him,
so I think he is going to really enjoy school.
He said his degree in Human Kinetics has really had an advantage to him so far.

While Spencer has been at school,
I have been working hard to keep myself busy.
Although it's only day 2,
I've been doing okay at it so far.
I tried to save some boxes to unpack when Spencer is at school.
I go for long walks with my iPod
(thanks Mom and Dad!)
I clean and organize (and re-organize)
Try new recipes.
I am loving the PUMPKIN season right now!

Here is a Tortilla Soup I made for lunch today
*oh yeah, Spencer comes home for lunch! :) *

Hanging a few pictures....

Putting up pictures on the fridge, makes it feel a bit more like home

Loving fall. There is a small display of gords and pumpkins outside the front door.
But this special pumpkin will be turned into puree for something delicious I have yet to decide...

Attempting to make our place "homey"

 More painting projects. The centre of the frame is chalkboard, the wooden frame I will distress to peek out the white underneath.

Adding those simple touches to make our space more personal.

Taking the bus for the first time to go to Trader Joe's

...where I found this Chai tea mix. Organic, all natural, spicey powdered chai. 

Trying to make the entrance a little more warm and welcoming.
The star is hanging on the all behind me.

 There you have it - an update.


  1. looks cozy Michelle miss you guys but your posts and emails make it all good


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