San Francisco

my camp name is a street
 leaving our hotel to go and explore
 gorgeous views from the cable car
 ah! more bracelets! people swarmed us in mexico trying to sell these.
 Hyde St. Pier
 the view from the pier
 Ghirardelli Square
 The Golden Gate Bridge in the fog
 Poor guy -he's got a peg leg AND a hook.
I'm empathizing...
 Steve gets a pirate hug
 Fisherman's Wharf
 Ghirardeli's Square

 Very hilly, but it allowed for gorgeous views
 Just to say we did it??? We walked up a pretty big hill to get to Ghirardelli's Square

 That's the Golden Gate Bridge in the faint distance

 Walking down Lombard St.

 The hill is so steep that the cars have to switch back to get down.

 Inside the cable car

 At Union Square, just by our hotel

 HUMUNGOUS shopping mall

 Very cool to drive over!

 That is Alcatraz in the background

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  1. MICHELLE! these pictures are so great - I love the ones of the Golden Gate Bridge :) Hope all is going well in your new home! MISS YOU!


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