Pretty Nice Little Saturday

Today Spencer and I had a pretty nice little Saturday.

We took a drive to the coast to Canon Beach. It took us about an hour and a half.

A beautiful drive with all the colourful trees through the forest.

On the way home we did a loop and drove for a bit along Interstate 101.

GORGEOUS scenery. I tried my best to capture some of it, but I know I didn't do it justice.

Our God created all of this to enjoy! 

We must be getting close to the water....

It's funny how the wind has shaped the trees!

Ocean front property?
Yours for a measly 2 million dollars!

Perfect kite flying weather!

We keep guard over the sea.

Fun (or really tacky?) baubles to decorate the tree.

Little cottages lined the streets of Canon Beach.
Reminded me a lot of Beach Grove in Tsawwassen.

Okay, I know this is super cheezy but I was SO excited to see this shop!
Ask Spencer - I giggled and hopped!
Not only was it Christmasy - it was VINTAGE Christmas!
I can't wait to go back with Whitney in November.
Today I withheld and only bought a small votive candle called
"Christmas Wreath" and it smells delicious like a pine tree! 

For Jessi! She loves Jelly Bellies

One of the Look Out points.

This reminded me of what I imagine Ireland to look like.
Lush green hills with the ocean.

One of the cute little towns we passed through.
They have so much character and look like they belong in a movie.

I have no idea what this is.
Does anybody know?

The little town that the funny tube tower was in.
I noticed when I enlarged the image that there is a "G" in the hill.
Do you see it?

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  1. ooohh pretty! Can we do that when we come down please? also wanna check out the vintage chritsmas shop! love it! Glad youre exploring and enjoying! I miss you! xoxo


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