The List and Things I Love

1. Last night I fell asleep to Spencer explaining to me about my bones and my spine. It sounded like he was speaking a foreign language. But it's terribly cute.

2. Spencer was quizzing me last night on Bio 12 curriculum. My memory is rather spotty when it comes to Bio 12 and he finds it funny the random facts I spill out at random times. I told him that if it wasn't on The Magic School Bus, I probably won't remember.  Can YOU remember all the systems in our bodies? 

3. Has been thinking what to dress Spencer up as for Halloween. It's like having a giant Ken doll. Now if ONLY he'd let me dress him.....

4. Loves having her bike back. Feels so good to ride around, wind in my hair, rain in my face.

5. Has some random and fun pictures that I found from around the web. They don't necessarily make a lot of sense, but I hope you enjoy them anyway!

1. Really cute commercial. Little popcorn kernels - so cute!

2. Amazing sweater

 3. Cute sign!

 4. Cutest onesie I have ever seen

5. Breakfast nook to die for

6. LOVE these pillows. I saw them at Pottery Barn on Tuesday for just an arm and a leg

7. Cute display of vintage books, jars and pretty flowers

8. Aren't these the cutest t-shirts?

 9. These shoes are dreamy and they'd go with EVERYTHING. I'd even wear them with my bathing suit out to the hot tub.

10. These gem tea light votives are tres chic.

Happy Thursday, 
Friday's just around the bend!

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  1. I fell in love when I saw those shoes as well! I just got a similar, MK pair in black. True Love!


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