Thrifty Thrift


Inspired by my dear friend Edolbina
and her amazing skill at treasure hunting.
She has found so many cool items at the local thrift stores
It makes me wish we had more in Delta!

This is my latest find at the Delta Hospice Thrift Store
This cool glass jar, then I intend to pass on to Darcy, but for now am using as a vase
This vintage Mason jar I am using to house walnuts
And my most recent,
this beautiful tray. It's got such character!

This beautiful dressing table I found for $4.00!!!
Can of white paint - $14.00
Glass knobs - $2.95 each from Anthropologie.com
The drawer that goes into the middle needs to be fixed. 
Nothin' a hammer, some nails and one girly girl can't do.
.... I think...

When we move to Portland we need to purchase 
a kitchen table, chairs and a coffee table.
I am excited to see what I can find!

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