A Secret

Do you want to know a secret?

 {Well, maybe it's not a secret...}

I can't wait to be a mom.


Somedays, I sit and I think about all the fun things we will do together
Like colour eggs
And make bead necklaces
And build our dream houses out of sand
Ride our bikes
And visit grandparents

I'd like to think I will be a fun mom
I want to join them in the sandbox
Swing next to them and teach them how to pump
Get muddy when it rains
And drink hot chocolate with marshmallows
(It's not just for kids afterall!)


We will go to markets
Sell lemonade
And learn about the importance of recycling
Sing nursery rhymes
Do the actions to the songs


We will plant watermelon seeds to see if they grow
And dig holes to China
We will hang a swing in the tree
And build forts out of sheets


I will teach them about love
And how important it is
To love each other
And the awesome love of Jesus


We will hang their art
And frame some, too
Maybe we will even sell it on EBay
And I will have famous babies
It will be displayed in grand cities like New York


We will learn about other cultures
Eat their food
Learn their words
If we're lucky we can visit them too
If not, we will pretend too


And that's the other thing


On days like today when I have writer's block
(Writer's block for boring things like protocols, that is)
I imagine all the fun things we will do together

There you go,
The secret's out



  1. You'll be such an awesome mom! And in the meantime, come and join in the adventures I have with my kids! You're welcome anytime. :)

  2. i agree. you"ll be such a fun mum! great post

  3. Another one bites the dust!
    I jest, of course ;)
    You'll be a great mom! And I am content to be the auntie that corrupts their little minds with all things mischievous....


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