Don't get me wrong friends
I love the life I lead
It is often hectic
But that is what happens when you have good friends
We love being with friends and family
We love being with people
At the same time
We love sitting on the couch in a comatose state
Watching sports highlights (Spencer),
watching mindless TV,
and reading blogs (Michelle)
With all the excitement of the last couple of months
And all the excitement of the upcoming month
I am yearning for our retreat
I love lying on that sectional drifting in and out of
a dreamy state
while the boys play NHL (whatever year is newest)
and argue over who really is the better player
(because we all know how being the champ at PS3 really advances us in life)
Reading a book a few pages at a time
and day dreaming while staring out the window
I love sitting in the hot tub
while the boys drink beer and smoke cigars
It may sound gross but I think
the smell of cheap cigars and beer breath
mixed with a tub of hot water will always be nostalgic

I love taking baths
Sleeping in a bunk bed
Walking to the village looking through the same shops
I love drinking Tiger Chai
and I love how peaceful and also how busy the village can be

I love walking down the ski hill
And I do not like trying to walk back up it
after an evening at Bottoms

Yesterday we finally nailed down a weekend
Yup,  4 nights and 3 full days.
Rest and Relaxation
I have already promised God that I will use my time wisely
To be still and listen in a beautiful piece of His Earth
To be honest, I haven't been very good at that lately
In fact
And I feel that what I need most right now
Is a good walk, and lots of time to think
To hear His voice, hear what He has been waiting to say to me
I just need to slow down and listen

Now I KNOW you are thinking
"But Michelle, you can do that here, right now."
And I know that.
I do.

Honestly, I do!

But if you know me, I am distracted SO easily
I have a very difficult time sitting still.
But I know in my heart I need to be still
and wait
and listen.


What is YOUR retreat?

How do you find time to be STILL and LISTEN?

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  1. Meesh, great post! I love it, and can picture everything :) Have a wonderfully restful time up there!


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