It's Been A While

It's been a week since I last posted!

So not like me, I know.

I am sure you've all been waiting at your lap tops or computers
with urgency.

This past week I have been in Abbotsford helping Edolbina and Andrew
piece together the final details for the wedding.

Let me tell you,
it paid off.

The sun shone,
we walked in fields of butter cups,
had fun photos with a VW van,
ate a picnic in a park with cold beer and coolers,
cried, hugged, cried more and sang along to "I'll Say A Little Prayer For You"

Attending the wedding were a bunch of old highschool friends.
So much fun to catch up, meet wives and girlfriends, and dance together.

On Sunday Spencer and I took Jackie (friend of Edol's from YWAM) and Travis (birthday boy)
for a tour of the city then to Steamworks Brewery in Gas Town for lunch.
Then we dropped Jackie off at the airport so she can go home to San Diego
and met up with the bride and groom/
It was fun to relive the previous day.

I am so, so incredible happy for them.

I can't wait to get the pictures back so I can show you guys!
They are going to be great.
James and Russell were fantastic photographers
who felt more like good friends by the end.

All of the little touches that seemed to take hours
to put together
really added to the magic.
It made it so worth it all.

It was a very busy week and weekend
and today I crashed.
Harder then I thought!
My brain went to mush.
I was basically a walking zombie.
Now I'm lying in bed and it feels

So, until I can post some of my own pictures,
here are some to hold you over....

*Super fun wedding shoot!*
*Someone's secret garden. So quaint.*
*Man's best friend. Look at the love in their eyes*
*Ben and Shar's burritos! Welcome baby Graci!*

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