Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday!

What do you have planned for today?


What do we have planned?

You read that right.

Right now I am checking/reading/writing blogs
Spencer is reading.
A first for a Saturday in a couple of months.
It's glorious.

The sun is shining
We are going for a walk soon
Had fresh fruit for breaky
And slept in


Here are some cute things I found on my blog hunt this morning
I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Happy Saturday

Love this onesie!

Blackberry mojito. So summery.

These Japanese lanterns would make fun a tres fun patio party!

Sweet cottage bedroom. I love the clashing patterns.

Brings sleeping in to a whole new level.
{Love the linens}

So pretty.
So not practical, but so pretty.
{My vanity would have make all over it, a brush with hair in it, and eye liner smudges on the mirror}

I love this pram.
{Spencer and I were laughing at ourselves. A little while ago we were in the mall and a lady walked by with a pram like this one. I looked up at Spencer with big, excited eyes and before I could even get the words out he said, "I knew you'd like that." We laughed, we are at that point in our lives. It didn't feel like that long ago we'd be at the mall and stop to ooooh and aaaaah over diamonds. Now we're doing it for prams! I wonder how long it will be before we are eying up other people's walkers.}

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  1. Walkers!!!! Oh my!
    We did the reifel bird sactuary today, and now were laying out in afternoon sun! Its been a glorious day!


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