Showers of Love

This weekend was FULL of celebrations!
We celebrated Edolbina on Friday night with a fun Mennonite-themed shower (unfortunately, I don't have an pictures), to a lovely shower for Lauren Saturday. Then Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day with both of our moms and Spencer's birthday (coming up Wednesday.)
It was a wonderful weekend!
Four generations
Nana Win, Grandma, Mom and I.
Baby Sophie!
See her one tooth in that cute smile?

Lauren cutting her cake.

With her Maid of Honour, Tina.

Stirring things up a little!
Is Sophie wondering when her turn will be?
Probably not.
Lauren's niece, Olivia, likes helping Auntie Lauren open presents.

It's tradition! The bow hat.
Makes her look like a Southern Belle, I think.

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