The Fabric Flower

For Edolbina's wedding we are each making a fabric flower for our hair. We have the freedom to use creative liberty and use the fabric she gave us to make our own unique flower.

I looked up a bunch of tutorials on the web and found this cool flower. Now, those of you who are avid sewers (Diane and Kim) will probably look at this project and laugh. "So simple!" You are probably chuckling to yourselves. Well, Diane can attest to this, I had a difficult time sewing on a button. Now, I feel that I am fairly competent in my domestic skills so I am not ashamed to say that I lack in the area of needles, threads and textiles.

However, when asked to make a flower with a button centre I decided to challenge myself and make something a bit more complex then cutting shapes and stitching them together. Although even that is above my skill level.

I must say that I was pretty proud of myself (even Spencer was impressed) when I completed this little sewing project. It should have taken probably about 15 minutes, but it took me over 2 hours.

Since I am used to cooking and using recipes more as guidelines, I had the same approach to the tutorial. Maybe I am not supposed to... but I did not break out the iron or the other tools they told me to use. I eye-balled and guesstimated just as if I was making a batch of chili. If you ask me, it is just as cute as if I had followed the directions to a 'T'.

Here are the steps to this 3D flower. Make it into a pin or a brooch, it is very cute!

First, trace and cut out 8 circles. I traced a glass and cut 10 circles. 2 blue circles, 3 cream and 4 brown.

Fold them in half and cut down the middle to make a half moon
Fold those in half to make a quarter circle, wrong side facing out
Stitch up the one side to make a cone. Then flip it right side out.
Loosely stitch them together and then pull to make a gather. Stitch it together to make a circle.
Follow the steps for each layer (I did three layers, but do as many as you wish).
Stack them and stitch them together.
Stitch on a button to the centre and VOILA
Here is your flower!

I apologize for any simplified terms, sewers. I am sure you all get the idea.


  1. so cute Michelle! What fun it will be to see all the varieties the girls come up with, neat idea.


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