Top 5 Favourite Things Today

As some of you may know, I change my mind - A LOT! A flit from this to that. Obsess over this music and crave that food. So as of today, here are my top ten. And if you know me - you know that there is a good chance by tomorrow it will be different.

*Matt Nathanson- the Wedding Dress*
I am in love with the lyrics and his voice just makes this romantic.

*The Red Burrito*
I had never heard of this place until yesterday when Diane and I ate lunch there. Is it a chain? Some Vancouverite's brilliant idea? I don't know but there Tacos sure are good.
*Elderberry Flower*
The first time I tried it was at Steve and Melissa's in a sparkling juice. Then I found it in a concentrate that you add to sparkling water or mineral water. So refreshing and tasty. Apparently you can buy it at Ikea.
* The telephone. *
This handy gadget allows me to talk to my family almost every day. I am sure I will love it even more when we move away.

*Free Podcasts on iTunes*
Vinyl Cafe with Stuart Mclean, enough said.

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