Highlights and Lowlights

*No, I'm not talking about hair*
1) The drive to Portland took just over 5 hours

2) The outlet mall is just 20 mins. south of Portland

3) We had a King sized bed - bliss

4)We toured Portland by car and by foot

5) We had a Dirty Bastard (chocolate icing, crushed oreos and peanut butter drizzle) donut from Voodoo Donuts.
(No offense to the Portland crowd but they were average.)

6) The educational forum at the school was great

7) We had to opportunity to eat lunch with an instructor and a student in his 11th quarter (out of 12 quarters) and ask lots of questions

8) We toured the campus - its small!

9) We, along with a large group of prospective students, were able to ask a panel of students in various points in their schooling questions ranging from how they manage their time, to finances and types of assignments.

9) Spencer and I toured different neighborhoods to find tentative areas to live in.

10) On the way home we spent a night with Ben, Sharla, Coco and Baby #2. Always fun to spend time with the Wilcox's!

1) The morning after we returned home, on the way to work, we were sad to discover the Wrigley Dyck (Dave and Whitt's cat we've been babysitting) was hit and killed by a car.

What a way to start the week after such a great weekend. :(


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