My Greatest Fear

This evening I was checking up on my blogs. I went to Lisa Leonard's blog (one of my fav's) and saw she had posted a new necklace. It is called "Marked By Love (Audrey's Necklace)". There was a link to the story of Audrey. After reading about the meaning of the necklace, I was curious of the story of Audrey. So I clicked on the link. It brought me to this site, which is Angie Smith's blog. Angie worked with Lisa in designing this necklace.

I read on about the story of Audrey.

Not being able to have children/losing a child is by far my greatest fear.

I HATE spiders (yes, Lord I know you made them, but why?!), but I would let them crawl all over my body, if it meant I could have babies.

I have a fear of the ocean, but I would jump off the ferry and float in the middle of the Pacific, if it meant I could have babies.

However, the Lord is sovereign, the Lord is in control. And although it frightens me to think that I may not be able to give life, I know that my life is in His hands. The life of my future babies is in His hands. He knows His plans for me, and I need to not worry about them, but live this life He has blessed me so richly with. Angie and Todd's story is sad, inspiring and full of hope.

Grab a tissue and have a read. God is so good.

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