Food For Thought

There is a blog I read, Sarah's blog. Spencer thinks it is funny that I read random people's blogs.

Often times, reading other people's blogs brings me insight to things that I don't really think about. Or that I really agree with, or disagree with and challenge me, like this blog.

Today I came across Sarah's blog about motivation. Motivation is my BIGGEST hurdle. Something I struggle with daily. I am being raw when I say that, I am being very real. So when I read her blog, even though its something I know, it hit me differently today. She shed a new light on it.

Here is an excerpt:

I need something to put before me, either physically or metaphorically, that will change the mood of my heart. Something, like the hurled sugar, will motivate me to enthusiasm about the things I need to do. I don't want to be motivated by a deadline. I want to be passionate.

I work hard because He's asked me to and He's given me opportunity. I'm grateful for that.

I need to remember that my zeal should come from what (or WHO) I'm working for.

And its not chocolate.

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