Beautiful British Columbia

What a beautiful place we live in.

It is so easy to take advantage of my surroundings. A gorgeous sunny day where I can see all the way out to the islands, to the mountains in the North to a gleaming Baker in the near South.

On the drive out today I remembered to admire God's glory.
Driving from Delta, along Highway 99, I could see the crisp white peaks (yes, they do have a little bit of white on them now) of the mountains in the North, Cypress...Seymor....Grouse.... many other mountains I do not know the name of.


Driving along 0 Avenue (the road that seperates the United States from us here in Canada) there are lush farms getting ready to bear crops for the summer, orchards preparing their branches for the ripe fruits of summer and bushes sprouting green leaves that will soon grow fresh rasberries and blueberries.
Baby farm animals, green pastures, blue skies, mountains that appear within reach.
Beautiful British Columbia.
Then driving along the Coquihalla. From the mountains that hug Abbotsford and Chilliwack tightly, to Mount Hope standing tall... all the way up to a totally different climate of Kamloops.
Our home away from home, Sunpeaks. The mountains that are literally touchable.
From the city, the valley and the mountains.
Beautiful British Columbia.
For goodness sakes, we even claim it on our lisence plates.

We really do live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

...not to brag or anything...

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