On the Mend

Day 2 of being home sick.

The days aren't getting any more fun.

Day 2 consisted of more sleeping, more watching of dull TV shows (the Bonnie Hunt show, where a 20 year old guests flirted shamelessly with her). Checking Facebook every 3 minutes. Drinking orange juice, looking for vacations online, napping, cuddling with the cats.

The two best ways I used my time today was 1) updating my blog and 2) watching Four Weddings and a Funeral. Which proved that laughter is indeed the best medicine.

Tomorrow I am going back to work whether or not my poor body likes it. I can't bear to spend another day at home watching Kelly Kapoor make a fool of herself on the Office reruns and wasting money on renting movies, even if they are cheap.

Now I am goign to curl up under my douvet and feel pretty doing so (thanks Mom!) and rest up.

Since laughter is the best medicine, here's a giggle for you:

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  1. Spencer said you were home sick. Feel better sooooon! We missed you in small group. Great set of posts and the blog looks great (I am jealous!).


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