So the last weekend of October Spencer and I travelled south to visit our dear friends Ben and Sharla and Chiara. Saturday morning we were so excited to go, that we left realyl early. So on the way down we "killed time" by stopping at a couple of outlet malls. I can honestly say it surprised me that at the end of it all, Spencer bought double what I did. This never happens, he just scored some GREAT deals.
When we were there we helped unpack a little bit as they too had just moved. We played with Coco and did lots of visiting. It was just so good to hang out, not really do a whole lot besides play, talk and eat Halloween candy. Coco had the cutest costume - she was a lady bug! She seemed to like the free candy idea and caught on pretty fast! At one point she had a candy in each hand! The next day we slept in, made breakfast and went to a park. Always so fun. Here are some pictures from our trip.

The drive down.

An entire WALL of Snuggies!

Is there anything better then waking up to the sounds of Coco's squeals and chatter?


  1. SOOOOO much fun! Thanks for posting these!

  2. Sounds like a fun trip to Seattle!

    I just saw your question on my blog and I heard about the family when my SIL was pregnant with her son and they thought that he might have an abnormality(he ended up being fine) and she came across some blogs of parents who had lost children with the same abnormality and somehow stumbled upon their blog that way. I've been reading since just before he was born. It's crazy how we can become so invested and wrapped up in the lives of people we don't really even know! What a blessing it can be, though! A testament to the power of our God and what good prayer can do! His story really is amazing!

    Hope you guys continue to have such great adventures! I love hearing about them! We'll call it "vicarious living" lol!

  3. Thanks for sharing these photos! Oma misses this little gal a ton!


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