Labour Day Weekend

Labour Day Weekend - extra long weekend = extra long post!

Labour day is the first weekend in September that celebrates the Labour Union Movement. Whatever, right? It basically means we get the first Monday off of September! Generally speaking, school and all things routine begin the following Tuesday.

This is a list,including pictures and hopefully videos (if they upload) of our Labour Day Weekend!

1. Sorry for Kim that none of those days were literally Labour Day. Kim and Jordan are anxiously waiting the arrival of their first ANY day now. Perhaps Labour Week?

2. Friday night we were given tickets to the Lions game! Jalen's dad, fondly nicknamed Dale Snail, gave Jay four tickets to the game. It is so great to have friends with hook ups! (Let me note: This is not WHY we are friends with the Saip/Dyck girls, it is merely a PERK.) So we went downtown where Ty, Ked, Howard and Diane met us there.

3. Saturday morning we slept in - sigh. Then I got up did some errands around town, then went over to Blenz to watch Evan and Tash's band, the Tin Pan Alley play a show.

4. Went to Home depot, had a nice little Saturday. We even had time to go to some furniture stores!
5. Sunday we went to church. After not being there for so long, it felt good to be back. Spencer even lead a song (sigh) That's my man.
6. Sunday afternoon was full of Griswold family fun. We went to Terry and Lori's for cake for Alana's 18th birthday. Then we headed over to Auntie Barb and Uncle D aryl's for dinner and Matt was there too. After point 7, I will end off with pictures from dinner.
7.A relaxing Monday. Went and got my nails done! This was a first to me - when I worked at Starbucks there was no point. They were always chipped or cracked. What a treat! It felt so good to be a girl.

Let me just clarify - it wasn't anyone's birthday. Ethan just likes a candle when he has cake and they pick the person who birthday is closest to sing happy birthday to. This time it was Ethan's whose 3rd birthday is October 6. We relit the candle and sang a few times. What a joy. He also liked saying "CHEEEEEEEESE" for the camera many times. When the flash went off he would say "Again, again!" I don't think Sophie cared about any of that.

the " Happy Boob Day" video. He isn't really saying boob, he's saying birthday. It just sounds funny. We say Happy Birthday a few times because Ethan would get so excited and say "Again! Again!"

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  1. HAHA Michelle you look too cute with a baby on you! Glad you guys had such a fun weekend! It's so nice to be able to relax and do things at a slower pace!


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