"I Love When Love Happens"

So Friday was THE night.

It was THE night the six of us had our first triple date.


The Dyck's (all four Dyck's) came for dinner at the home of the Smid's.

Then the Dyck-Dyck-Smids all went to the movies.

Thanks to David, the boys joined us for Love Happens.

The movie was great, Jalen and I cried. Whitney pointed out the striking resemblance between a character in the movie and Spencer. Spencer was not impressed. Jalen and I mentioned how nicely the lead male role dressed. Kyle and Spencer claimed he was gay. Spencer gave a commentary throughout, just to make sure that us ladies (and all other women in the theatre) remembered that these events would never happen in real life. Particularely the release and return of the parrot.

Once the credits rolled the girls sat and wiped out tears making ourselves presentable to the public. The boys gathered and laughed. At us? The movie? Who cares. It was good.

Thanks Eloise and Burke.

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