It's Coming

It ha been a while since I have blogged. Believe me, it is not that we don't have anything to blog about, we have just been too busy to blog! There are pictures on the computer, ready to be posted.

However it will just have to wait. There are things that I have to do before I leave (more to come later) and in the down time I just want to hang out with Spencer and relax.

We have been at weddings, hanging out with friends and celebrating birthdays (Dad's 30th birthday.) Yes, that is right, my father was seven when I was born. :D

This week I have been getting ready for our trip up to Sunpeaks. We are heading up there with a whole bunch of our friends, should be really fun! The weather is still nice that we can go swimming, the dirt bikes are up and running and we can walk all over. I am hoping to take the chair and hike to the Top of the World!

After that I am heading to camp for one week. Angela, Michelle, Jessi and Edol will also all be up there! I will be leading a cabin of Senior Teen girls, so that means they will be 15-17 years old.

Then after that we have Ryan and Shelley's wedding! It will be a full, packed weekend.

Don't worry Diane, I have Spencer's lunches all pre-made and LOTS of fruit and veggies. Although you may be seeing him for a few dinners.

Today I was outside and made a very interesting observation.

There are leaves on the ground, coloured ones. The air has a crisp coolness to it, and the breeze seems to be carrying thoughts of September.

Although there is still hot weather in the forcast, the seasons are beginning to think about turning. Not that I mind, this is my favourite time of year - from now until Christmas.

The crunch of leaves and pinecones, putting on an extra layer a scarf or pair of mittens. Kids back in school, excited about reuniting with friends and starting a new grade (perhaps the back to school shopping as well?) The pumpkin patches, the squash to cook with, warm soups and caramel apples! I just love the taste of fresh apples! Making apple cider, the scent of cinnamon and allspice filling the rooms and making it homey. And of course there's stopping at Starbucks to pick up the much-awaited Pumpkin Spice Latte on the way to a football game!

Don't get me wrong , I am LOVING the summer. There is just something exciting about fall.

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  1. Michelle I would never worry about Spencer and his lunches. I left for a week to camp and you cooked for Travis and Howard, you my friend are the best!
    Look forward to having Spencer over for dinner next week.


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