Camp Highlights

Night One - Mission Impossible!
There's a funny story that goes with this one. Two of the leaders came into the cabin as the girls were getting ready for bed and annouced that they were disappointed to have an incident on the first night, that they need to think about what they did and whoever it was needs to fess up. (Never actually saying what it was that was done). Meanwhile, they took me outside onto the porch and we were mumbling, all the while I was making sure to say things like "Alcohol? I didn't see her bring in any of that!" extra loud so they would here me. When we came back inside, they asked if any of the girls had anything to confess, that they wouldn't be in trouble, the girls looked absolutely frightened! When they left I looked pretty disappointed. Then the two leaders came running back into the cabin yelling "Psych! We are playing Mission Impossible!!!" One of my campers said "I have hand sanitizer, but I wasn't gonna drink it!" Hahaha!

Angela and I dress up for Nerd Night

Day 2 and they are already tired. These are 5 of the 7 girls in cabin 202

The Fab Five (Michelle B, Angela, Jessi, Edolbina and I) all worked together at camp this week! It was so, so much fun. It isn't too often we are all together, especially for this amount of time. We also all were up at Sunpeaks together the weekend before camp. I LOVED being on the beach, dining hall or chapel and looking around 360 and seeing them all in one room! On the last day we had the opportunity for the five of us to drive into Hope and go to the Blue Moose for a coffee, a camp tradition!

One of my campers, Melissa, was baptized at camp!

One of the Fab Five, Michelle, was also baptized that day! It was so great that all of us and Spencer, and her boyfriend Scott could all be there with her.

After Michelle was baptized, Scott was too! So great, all together there were 5 baptisms that day!

After Scott was baptized he wanted all the campers to Body Surf him into the lake!

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