Something Inpiring...I Got Nothin'

I wanted to write something inspring, heartfelt and thoughtful. However after reading all the other blogs, I felt defeated and nothing came to mind. What a bunch of creative writers. Dang.

So what do I write about? I will just make a random list of things that are on my mind (warning, this could be dangerous and a bit of a ramble):

1) I need to start jounalling again. It is good for the soul and allows one to look at themself and re-evaluate important things

2) I am sad that the garden never happened. Next year. (Famous last words?)

3) Life is short, how do I make the most of mine?

4) We have a sponsored child. He is four years old and his name is Harelson. Out of all the kids in the "red box" (that means sponsorship is urgent) I just decided to go with which one my heart felt directed to. This little guy has the same birthday as you Diane, Jan. 7th and it is close to mine, Jan.4. So I picked him. To top it off, he is from Haiti, which is a place I have a heart for. I am excited to get the official package in the mail!

5)I have been wanting to make a list of things that make me happy. This leads back to #1, journalling. It is important to set goals and be supported in them.

6) It is okay to be alone. I love family and friends and being around people. Sometimes though, it is so nice to be alone. To listen to your heart, spend time in the Word and just be. I have come to cherish the couple of evenings Spencer works. Though I miss him dearly and we talk almost every hour he is gone, I enjoy things like eating toast for dinner, watching Ellen and other girly movies/shows, going for a walk with my iPod, getting into my PJs early, reading on the couch until I fall asleep...

I don't have any random thoughts past that. Though my tummy is grumbling, I think I should find something to eat.

Ciao for now brown cow.

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