The Backyard Cottage

Things are really moving quickly! This past week Tyler was home and was here working hard. He painted the inside walls, and things are really looking like they are coming together. Spencer finished painting the outside of it. Needless to say I am sure, we are excited! The light is at the end of the tunnel. Everyday I go to the backyard and just look around, close my eyes and imagine our things in there. Where I will hang picture frams and art, place the furniture, and will we have our toothbrush hold on the right or the left side of the sink? Bar soap or liquid? Where will our bed go? We imagine ourselved on our patio with the BBQ and candles. *sigh* It is near!

The front door from outside -

Looking from the kitchen into the bathroom -

Looking from the kitchen to the front door -

Standing in the bedroom doorway looking into the kitchen and through to the office -

Looking from the living room, into the bedroom -

Looking into the living area from the entrance -

From the entrace looking into the kitchen (there will also be a peninsula that comes right in front) and then into the bathroom -

Looking from the office into the living area -

The walls painted in "butter" -

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