What A Week Its Been...

Well, well,well...let me tell you. This internet is quite a novelty right now. We have Howard's laptop at our house right now in an attempt to help repair our own computer. So I am taking advantage of its presence and using the internet to check emails, Facebook, blogs and update my own - finally! I must add, I was a bit sad when I checked my inbox and their were only 16 emails and over half of them were spam. Its bad enough not to get hand written letters in the mail anymore...but emails too?
This past week has been mentally EXHAUSTING. So even if I had access to the internet, I probably wouldn't have been on it. Let me give a slight refresher of my last 10 days or so...

1) Mandt Systems training for trainers. Think 9 hours a day, sitting in a fairly dark room, staring at a power point screen for five days. I know some people do this for a living, but I love my job for the reason that I get to be outside, move around and have fun. For those of you that know me, I am a fidgety person - I do not do well sitting still for long periods of time.

All in all the training was very informative, useful and my colleagues offered a unique flavor to the week that I will have a hard time forgetting. The picture below are of my classmates. Missing is our wonderful instructor, Janet.

L to R top: Don (affectionately known as Dan to Janet), Sherry, Jason (we had originally taken another photo that included Janet, however Jason was in the washroom and noone noticed he was missing until a while later. Oops.), Debra and David.
L to R bottom: Jim, myself and Larry.
2) Megan lent me season 1 and 2 of Gilmore Girls. I am currently on Season 1, disc 4. It kept me sane last week. Spencer walked into the room and saw me blogging, while watching Gilmore Girls and exclaimed "You're in Heaven!" I have already completed the entire show, finishing just after Spencer and I were married. Recently I had been seriously lacking some Lorali and Rory (the two main characters) in my life, I began to miss them as though I was Lorali's second daughter. So Megan generously gave them up to feed my addiction.

3. On Friday night, to celebrate a hard week of work for both Spencer and I, we went out with Angela, Tyler and Travis. We went into Vancouver to watch a friend of Angela's that is in a band, they are called North of King .
After that we went to the ice cream/gelato place called La Casa Gelato on Venables in Vancouver. I have blogged about this before, Spencer and I took my small group girls there after UGM a while back. So many flavours, free for the trying!
This is one of the crazy flavours - doesn't that just make your mouth water?Looks like Spencer was not too fond of that one! Perhaps it was garlic? Or Shitake Mushroom?Angela and I with our desired falvours, she had something along the lines of Lychee and Rice? And I had Old Fashioned Vanilla with Rasberry.The brothers with their cones - Ty chose Blueberry Yoghurt, Spencer and Tiger Butter and Trav had the same as me. They do have some pretty good flavours among the weird ones. After our ice cream we had a boost of energy and we decided to go see a movie - with thanks to Ange and her Entertainment Book. Travis, Spencer and I had gone to see The Hangover in the past week, and the three of us had been quoting it and talking about it all evening. Well, Angela and Tyler decided that if the three of us would see it again, that they needed to see this movie to join our club. So we agreed to see it again, and away we went to Silver City Roverport to watch the funny new movie. And that is where our evening ended.
4) This past weekend was , obviously, Father's Day weekend. So Spencer and I decided to celebrate it by cooking our dad's a BBQ. Pulled Pork for Howard and Ribs for Dale. We also threw in a Anniversary celebration for my mom and dad - 25 Years!!! Dad was blown away as he received a letter from none other then the Mr. Stephen Harper himself! It was signed in blue ink. It doesn't take much to impress the Heinemann's, but you have to admit a congratulatory letter for your anniversary from th Prime Minister is pretty awesome!

5) Today was my first day back to normal work...(The past two weeks with the training, and before that I was stepping in as Supervisor for my site). It felt good to be back, doing normal things. However, on the way back from Richmond, just as I was about to turn onto our street that my work is on, some crazy Albertans (no offense) merged into my lane without looking! I had the womanly intuition (Thank You God for that sixth sense!) and I shoulder checked just in time to see him entering my lane! I slammed on the brake going from 50 to 0, as he slid in front of me. There was SERIOUSLY about 3 inches between the side of his vehicle and the front left bumper of the van! After catching my breath, I turned just in time to meet up with the car as he had turned and was now coming towards me. He gave a timid wave, and I have to say that I did not wave back. That was too close of a call!
Well, that is my week in a nutshell. It was a long blog, but there was a lot to catch up on. Now I will blog the rest of the pictures on my camera (all while watching Gilmore Girls, of course.)


  1. glad to see the blogging resume!! :)

  2. Megan ThiessenJune 22, 2009 9:40 pm

    I have been missing Gilmore Girls & have been wanting to watch the seasons on DVD for a long time. Too bad we didn't live closer & then perhaps we could watch them together. Enjoy some quality Lorelai & Rory time:)

  3. GREAT blog! i love how you put everything! great photo of North of King, and Gelato, p.s i had cocnut and red rice! SO FREAKEN GOOD!. and p.s.x2 the garlic one is SICK, and i am glad to say spence did not feed me any of the mushroom one. and you forgot to mention the part where you asked spencer to hold your cone while you got back in to the vehicle and he dropped the rest of his icecream on the ground... just like in the cartoons when just the ice cream part falls out of the cone... sad, he took it very well though! and the movie... oH MAN funny! thanks for the weekend fun my dear! i cant wait for our next adventure together. WOW your dad got a congratz from the prime minister? really... LOVE YA ~angela


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