The Show Must Go On

Last weekend (not Father's Day, the one before that) we went out to Abbotsford for a BBQ/Carnival/Tie Dye Party hosted by Angela. Unfortunately Sunday morning Angela came down with an awful flu! I felt just awful for her, as I know there is nothing she loves more than having her friends around, especially for something like this! So with that, Spencer and I hung the decorations, layed out the games and prizes and manned the Tie Die station and grill. It was still somewhat of a success despite the numbers.

Let me introduce Andrew, Edol's new man. (They are mimicking the people on the paddles)

Roxann and her "dog" (I put it in quotation marks because although it technically is a dog, it possesses a rodent-like appearance). It's name is Stella (note that it is the former name of Pacer.)

I had purchased some fun dress up equiptment in preparation for some fun pictures!

The backyard...

Placing many elastics in such a fashion that it would create the effect of white rings in the dyed fabric. This way of dressing first appeared in the era of the 60's, commonly worn by hippies.

Bocce to ring in the summer...classic
Edol's tie dyed bottoms.
Spencer "Grill Master" Smid

In all of my forgetfullness I pulled one classic move - I threw in my purple t-shirt with my other colours for a "colour load", dismissing the fact from my brain that the dye had only been rinsed. I know own one pair of yellow and purple underwear, a brown pillow case with some purple spots and a tea towel with some non-stragically placed purple spots. :D

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  1. wow these photos r all awsome! i cant believe how much i missed.. i was so out of it. i am glad you all had fun! thanks so much you two for taking over! and all your work. I am glad you all enjoyed... next year? rerun?~angela


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