Jalen and Kyle: the Ceremony

The girls: Whitney Matron of Honor, sister of the bride
Sarah Maid of Honor, long time friend of the bride
Elissa college room mate of the bride
Brighid sister of the bride
Mandy sister of the groom
Victoria Junior Bridesmaid, sister of the bride
Elise Flower Girl, sister of the bride
The gentlemen (I don' t know all of their names)
One very happy groom
The gorgeous bride with her dad. She looks STUNNING
Kyle's Grandfather officiated the service.
Exchanging rings
The big moment : first kiss as a married couple

The ceremony was gorgeous - hand tied bouquets, a damask handmade back drop, an elegant bride and a handsome groom. A perfect day.
We are so, so happy for you Mr. and Mrs. Dyck and we can't wait to hang out with you and beat you in MarioKart!

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  1. Awww, that was very sweet. However, you'll NEVER beat us in MarioKart.


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