A Million Flavours

Heading downtown...Tash in the back, Tessa to the left, then Katie and Jessica. I have to add that Katie and Jessica brought their homework to do in the car. I don't miss highschool.
We have the little tester spoons in our mouth. It just looks like we are making weird faces.
Oops, I forgot to turn it. Haha. This is us with our flavour of choice. Spencer was there, I swear.

A few Wednesdays ago Spencer and I and my small group went downtown to volunteer at the Union Gospel Mission. Afterwards we went to this amazing Gelato place where the have over 200 flavours including Balsamic Vinegar and Garlic. I stuck with something fairly normal, Pumpkin and Walnuts.


  1. oh haha look at my face in the first picture... i have a slight angry glare on my face, and no i wasnt looking at the speedometer.!!

  2. wow that spoon picture is nasty.


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