The gorgeous cake...
Cute favours filled with chocolate. They alternated white and brown boxed with the opposite coloured bow.
At Newlands, we had such a nice room! All glass surrounding on one half of the room.
Rob "Swanny" Swenson was the Emcee for the night. He is naturally funny and did such a good job.
Earl's sister organized this band to play some folk music. It is from a mocumentary called "A Might Wind", so they took a couple of the songs and changed the words to suit Earl and Tanaya and talked about White Spot.

The pictures above and below happened by accident, but I thought they kind of turned out with an artsy feel to them. Kind of cool.
Goofing around.
The centerpieces. Died purple and blue orchids.
The three of us girls posing... we did a lot of photo shoots!
Earl looks kind of nervous in this picutre. Really he was scratching, but when I took the picture, immediatly a caption came to mind "Oh crap-what did I do?!"
Hahaha, Shannon. That's all I can say.
The beaming bride.
Someone added some fruit to the ice sculpture and said it was the "fruit of their loins", oh boy. Bonnie looks disturbed.
Another photo shoot!

An outside in the gazebo photo shoot

This is what the room looked like from outside. Cool eh?
The first dance

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