My Day So Far

My day so far has consisted of the following:
  • waking up at 5 am and resetting my alarm to 7
  • waking up at 7 and resetting my alarm to 7 30
  • waking up at 7 30 and resetting my alarm to 7 40
  • waking up at 7 40, lieing under my warm douvet listening to the news on the radio, dreading the cold that awaits me.
  • getting out of bed and discovering that my wonderful husband turned on the heat so that his wife would not be cold (and therefore grumpy) when she climbed out of bed! :D
  • Stumbling to the closet, grabbing the two towels (I have cut down from 3, ok?) then stumbling to the shower and turning on the hot water. All the while having kitty chase my chipped, red toes all the way to the bathroom
  • Applying make up, to my puffy and congested face, trying to hide the bags.
  • Throwing on Spencer's t-shirt with jeans, in the attempt to be comfortable, not look good. I succeeded.
  • Arriving at work and having my boss look at me and ask " Are you okay? You look sicker then yesterday." Is that supposed to uplift a sick person?
  • I am not sick, I have the sniffles.
  • Trip to the drugstore to purchase Buckley's Cold and Sinus tablets. I read that they take 30 minutes to kick and sigh.
  • We head to North Delta to bask in the sunshine and get a much needed dose of real Vitamin D!
  • See a poster in the window of Krispee Kreme that advertises "5 cent coffee". Curiousity takes over and we go inside, asking the cashier "Really? 5 cents! No other purchase required?" When the response was yes, yes , yes. I treated my co-worker to a coffee!
  • At 4 I take another hit of meds and wipe my nose on my 42nd tissue

Fun day hey? Anyway, tonight hockey is on so I am going to put on my cheering hat, jump back on the bandwagon and cheer on the Canucks.

Goodnight !

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  1. you're so cute.
    I wish I could be an awesome blogger like you.


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