Linwood '09

Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal
In the Village
First night at Linwood... got our pajamas on, ready to relax!

What the whole trip was about... relaxing. Bonnie (above) is using my camera, taking the classic picture of you taking a picture of me with Shannon.
Spencer reading his book "Friday Night Lights".

This is a dog, Kelly, that belonged to a lady that was working there. He loved the attention he got from all of us!

This is the view from the living room, looking up to the second floor of bedrooms, and then up again to the attic.

Playing games! We did lots of this! Bonnie and her sister, April, playing Taboo.
April and I were the "Psychiartists" in another mind game we played.

Lots of laughs...

and giggles.

Sunday morning worship.

We were given lots of free time to read the Word and meditate on it. Our main passage was the Beatitudes in Matthew.

A quote that I liked.
The view from the second floor down to the living room/great room.

Check out the Linwood House and what they do! www.linwoodhouseministries.org

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