Dr. Hopper

Yes, you read it right. Dr. Hopper and no he is not a rabbit.
Today we took Pacer to the vet.
He was so good and quiet. Even as dogs, cats and birds entered and exited the building. As cats hissed at him and dogs barked at him, he didn't make a sound.
It was then that Dr. Hopper entered the room when Pacer's heart began to race. We entered the small poorly decorated room with rose pink walls and a metal table. We let him out to meet his doctor. He let the doctor pet him, pick him up and put him on the scale. But the minute the doctor wanted to look into Pacer's eyes our kitty freaked out, doing some kitty kung foo on poor Dr. Hopper. What have you got to hide Pacer, that you cannot look the doctor in his soft, kind blue eyes??? Poor Goliath received a few battle wounds from David, but not enough to knock him to the ground. After Spencer laid Pacer like a baby in his arms, the doctor was able to get his stethoscope on his tummy and a needle in his behind.
Pacer was reported as a healthy cat with good weight who is growing like a good boy should be. After he was informed that in a mere 8 weeks he would be losing his manhood, he was carried out of the hospital with a new toy...

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